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Ava Luxe Madame X: a fragrance review

There are some perfumes that sing of female emancipation, of confidence, cool and the power of the go-getter. They are high brow at all circumstances, they are professional yet elegant, the mark of a successful woman in all areas. They have class, sophistication, refinement and a je ne sais quoi that sets them apart and makes them the object of admiration.
Madame X by Ava Luxe is not one of them.

Instead it recalls all the carnal knowledge that has a primitive root in out psyche, the call of the wild, the chase, female surrender, complete abandonment in the open arms of hell. Like an erotic adventure in a distant bruised past it has the rare ability to entice with the memory of the basest and lowest one has ever been to and actually had fun out of it. To call something sexy is a cliché and we do not condone clichés at Perfume Shrine, at least to the measure that is within our abilities. Madame X has none of the mysterious aura of a femme fatale nor the coolness of her calculating demeanour. She is no Bridget Gregory /Wendy Kroy from "The Last Seduction", as played by Linda Fiorentino, cool as a cucumber and only acting vulnerable in order to get her case made, improvising with the same black goal all along.
Madame X is a vulnerable woman, all open for the plucking, a little mature, a little pained and you have to approach her with the fervour and candour of a considerate lover, that for reasons of his own would be willing to explore the possibilities of reaching God.

I’m Going Indie – Review: Ava Luxe Love’s True Bluish Light

I am fascinated by independent perfumers.

The internet opened unique possibilities of getting into “personal” contact with people, you would otherwise never even hear of. (Not meant as an insult to these people, but alluding to the fact, that I live in Austria, which is on almost nobody’s priorities list when it comes to establishing a brand presence. My beloved Puredistance, being the notable exception!)
American indie perfumers like Mandy Aftel, Alaya Moriel, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz or Serena Ava Goode are amazing talents and following their work is something I am very interested in. Thanks to the internet those wonderful perfumes are also available in my neck of the woods.

You Really Can’t Have Too Many: An Ava Luxe Sampler

Ava Luxe is one if those ultra-niche lines that I gradually kept hearing about as I learned more about niche perfumes, but I had never tried it, as it has only been available online from the perfumer herself and not in any shops, at least not that I knew of. Serena Ava Goode makes handcrafted jewelry and perfume, and she has created a wide array of scents in many styles.


Ava Luxe Bois Exotique Perfume Review

When I heard raves about indie perfume house Ava Luxe and learned that it was hand-blended in Boston by a local girl, I just had to try it. After spending weeks drooling over the descriptions of her many fragrances but finding few reviews online, I chose Bois Exotique in eau de parfum form based on the sophisticated logic that I’m obsessed with woody fragrances at the moment, and that I am a sucker for anything exotic. This was the best blind buy I’ve made so far this year.

The Ava Luxe site describes the fragrance as an exotic amber-woody fragrance with notes of sandalwood, patchouli, warm spices and Siam benzoin. I have read this is sometimes called Sweet Amber Wood and I get that…it is slightly sweet but in a green way, not cloyingly so. The amber and patchouli are noticeable but not overbearing– the patchouli is well-behaved and the amber is like the person you meet at a party who is charming, well-dressed, and poised, but they interest you chiefly because you sense they have secrets.

REVIEW: Ava Luxe Cafe Noir

Notes: Black coffee bean, Allspice Berries, Cardamom, French Lavender, Attar of Roses, Cedar, Patchouli, Vanilla, Mocha, Sandalwood, Siam Benzoin, Ambrette seeds.

Pros: Sweet without being cloying, and unlike most, this has a true coffee aroma. Wonderully-blended and well-rounded composition.

Cons: I'd like a little more projection, but I'm not sure if my sample is EDP or Parfum. Other than that, this is a perfect composition.

Bottleworthy? Yes, this is one for the wishlist. Might just be the only coffee scent I need

Ava Luxe - Loukhoum

Yes, Loukhoum is definitly a interpretion of turkish delight, the top notes pistachio is both dry/roasted and creamy nutty at the same time. Then the airy rose enters, vanilla, powdery, soft and delicate... kind of transparent and thin, like smelling a cloud of turkish delight.

That is the big difference between Ava Luxe´s Loukhoum and other loukhoum varieties I´ve tried. All of the others are sweet, heavy, on the border of to much of the goodies turkish delight. In Loukhoum Ava Luxe seem to capture it from a totally different view. this Loukhoum smells like if turkish delight wasn´t actually Turkish, but Japanese. Well, japanese delight, a most delicous miniature frolic, that is eaten by the most celbrated geishas during a directed ceremony reminding of the japanese tee ceremony.

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